Friday, March 26, 2010

Land blinds

West of Zion Park

With highs in the low 50s today, I felt it would be counterproductive to swim the dogs. Besides, work left me short of time.

So went to a field and set up a double land blind for each of the dogs.

Lumi's set-up was 80-170 yards. The short blind was thru a tight keyhole, while the long blind converged on the treeline for a section of woods. Lumi required handling on both retrieves but was responsive on every WS and took every cast correctly, though she didn't carry them well on the long blind. Her feet seemed extremely uncomfortable coming back. I wonder if that's an indication that her thyroid Rx needs to be increased. Our holistic vet sent in blood earlier this week, so we should know in another few days.

Laddie's set-up was 80-400 yards. He had the same short blind as Lumi, while the long blind was unusually long even for Laddie. It carried thru several boggy areas of standing water, and between a pair of huge electrical towers.

I always felt that once a dog really understands a keyhole, the keyhole could actually make the retrieve easier by acting as gunsights. Laddie illustrated that idea today, taking a perfect line on both retrieves. He lined the first one, the popped just before a particularly swampy area at 300 yards. I'd rather he hadn't popped, and I'm not sure I should have risked reinforcing it by casting him instead of just staring at him. But I didn't think fast enough and ended up sending him with a straight back cast. He spun around and ran the rest of the way straight to the blind.

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