Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pushing-off-the-gunner Drill

Riggs Road

Because Laddie pushed off the gunner in our previous session, today we just worked on that issue.

SERIES A. Pushing-off-the-gunner Drill (Laddie, then Lumi)

With the dog watching, I placed an LP at the SL, and a stickman (retired gun rack wearing white coveralls) at 50 yards. At 100 yards, I placed an LP and a frozen duck 5 yards to the left of the point directly in line with the stickman, and another LP and frozen duck 5 yards to the right, so that the LPs were 10 yards apart, and the lines from the SL to the ducks passed within a couple of feet of the stickman.

I then ran the dog. First I sent the dog to the last bird placed, then to the first bird placed.

If the dog had attempted to push off the gunner, or run around the gunner on the other side, during the outrun, I'd have called the dog back and repositioned to make the outrun easier, then moved gradually back to the original test. Neither of my dogs did that on this particular day.

But both of the dogs did have difficulty making straight returns past the stickman, so I still ended up following the same sort of strategy. I allowed the dog to complete the first retrieve, but then I put the bird back out in the field for some easier lines and stopped the dog if she veered on her returns. After a few stops and improvements in performance, we gradually worked our way back to running the original lines without difficulty.

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