Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Switch to Handling Mode, Carrying Casts

Oaks Area 3

With darkness falling around 4:30 PM and my work preventing me from getting out during the day today, I thought we'd work on a short course with a reasonably difficult job for the dog: when running a mark, to switch instantly to handling mode and carry a cast in a completely different direction.

We ran two series, mirror images of one another. In each case, the sequence was as follows:
  1. With dogs in the van, I planted two frozen ducks at the blind location, 100 yards from SL.
  2. I brought dog to SL and left dog there.
  3. I walked out, threw a poorman mark with a frozen chukar to about 50 yards. Threw it high so dog could see it against the sky in the twilight.
  4. Walked back to SL. Dog was focused on chukar. With whistle in mouth, I sent dog, who raced toward chukar. Halfway out, I blew WS.
  5. If dog didn't stop, I called out SIT and went out to pick the dog up, then sent the dog again.
  6. Once dog stopped, I cast the dog to the blind, 30° to the left or right of the line to the chukar.
  7. If the dog didn't carry the cast, I intended to use a WO for that also, but it didn't come up today.
  8. When the dog got back with the blind, I sent the dog to pick up the chukar.
  9. Walking back to the van, I gave happy throws with the chukar several times.
For Series A, the 100-yard blind was to the right and the chukar was thrown toward the left. Series B had a completely different SL, the 100-yard blind was to the left, and the chukar was thrown toward the right.

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