Saturday, October 10, 2009

Full House, Adventure Drill

Oaks Area 2

SERIES A. Double land retrieve with triple blind (Laddie, then Lumi)

This is one of my favorite kinds of set-ups, and Lumi and Laddie also seem to like it. A nickname for it could be a Full House, since it combines two of a kind (the double marks) with three of a kind (the triple blind).

For the marks, I used RLs, weighted streamers, and ducks. For the blinds, I used ODs. I fired a pistol before each "throw" from the RLs.

The first mark (memory-bird) was on the left, thrown right to left at 60 yards. The second mark (go-bird) was on the right, thrown right to left at 30 yards.

After the dog picked up both marks, the dog ran the three blinds. The first blind was a little to the right of the right RL at 60 yards, past a tree on the right with the blind at the foot of a tree. The second blind was in the center, a little to the left of the right mark, to the left of a gap in a line of trees at 90 yards. The third blind was to the left of the left mark at 130 yards, 20 yards past the end of a line of trees on the right.

Both dogs pinned each mark, then responded reasonably well for handling on each blind. Laddie's handling, in fact, was excellent.

Lumi's handling was more than acceptable by Senior standards (from my experience), but not as good as Laddie's, in that Lumi didn't carry her casts well but instead to scallop back in the direction I had cast her away from. She also slipped a whistle at 110 yards on the third blind and I responded with a WO, but she her other WSs both before and after that lapse were excellent.

Laddie was his usual exuberant self. Lumi, who is now on both thyroid medication and allergy injections, in addition to her long running course of joint supplements, showed lovely energy and motivation, racing out as usual, but also running back in on all her retrieves.


20091010 Series A 60-yard mark (memory-bird)
Series A 60-yard mark (memory-bird)

20091010 Series A 30-yard mark (go-bird)
Series A 30-yard mark (go-bird)

20091010 Series A 60-yard blind
Series A 60-yard blind

20091010 Series A 90-yard blind
Series A 90-yard blind

20091010 Series A 130-yard blind
Series A 130-yard blind

Sundown Road Park

After we completed Series A, we drove to nearby Sundown for a little Adventure Drill: five short retrieves thru extremely difficult footing, each time over a creek and into tangled undergrowth. With no appreciable rain in weeks, the creek was low, and only a couple of the crossings required any swimming.

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