Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holodeck Training

Holodeck Program
based on guidance from Alice Woodyard and Jody Baker


  • Bring high-value treats for Lumi during group work.
  • Both dogs:
    • 32-yard pile work to two birds and two dummies on long line.
    • Bird-foot dril: orange dummies prepositioned lengthwise at 30 yards, a bird thrown to 15 yards on either side, retrieve a dummy, then the birds.
  • White jacket.
  • Lumi's collar.
  • Load pockets: pistol, ammo, slip cord.
  • Pay for last week's flyer.
  • No triples.
  • No running Lumi on a blind.
  • Consider running long gun first, possibly with short guns retired, then short guns as a double (to be reviewed with Alice and Jody).
  • Use slip cord for flyers and honoring.
  • Cue "sit, mark" before first throw of each series.
  • Auto-whistle recall on the first two marks of each training day. Based on how Lumi does, consider switching to contingent whistle for the remaining marks of the day.
  • Attempted break?
  • Head swinging, before or after throws? Which throws?
  • Did dog return uncued? Auto-whistle? Contingent whistle? Voice? Walk out?
  • If the dog did not come straight back, why (for example, RG, parading, Super D, zoomies, diversion)?
  • Pay for flyer if used.
  • Borrow a thrower to run Laddie on an alternation drill.
  • Run Lumi on a triple blind.
  • Run Laddie on T-drill at permanent site.
Before Group Training. Both dogs ran three drills before the other trainers arrived:
  1. 33-yard pile work on a long line, with two birds and two white dummies in the pile.
  2. Bird-foot drill: 40' to three orange dummies prepositioned end-to-end, plus two white dummies thrown to 20' on either side of the line to the orange dummies with a 30° angle between the white dummies. Dog was sent to retrieve one orange, then both white dummies.
  3. Bird-foot drill: Same as #2 and in the same location, except that two birds were thrown instead of two white dummies. Dog was sent to retrieve one orange dummy, then both birds.
On #1, both dogs picked up the articles and returned so immediately that I never used the long line.

On #2, both dogs lined and retrieved without help.

On #3, Lumi needed two "no here", Laddie needed one "no here", when they veered to the side instead of straight thru to the orange dummies. Both dogs were instantly responsive in returning to heel when called.

Series A. Lumi ran the same three marks as the other dogs in the group, but from a modified position intended to help her enter the water without having to be cast into it from distance. She ran three marks, the first as a single, the next two as a double.

The single was 130 yards thru a belly-deep standing pool of water. When first sent, Lumi veered sharply right to skirt the water. I called "no here" and she came back to heel. I then sent her again and she entered the water. While in the water, she veered right again but didn't get far off line. She had no other trouble with the mark.

The double was 180 yards with a short water crossing, and 160 yards with a wide, very shallow water crossing. Lumi had no trouble with the double, other than staying to the right side of the water on the 180-yard memory bird and then taking a sharp left across the water to get to the fall.

The retrieval articles were two pheasants and a duck. Though Lumi has little experience with pheasants, she showed no sign of resource guarding on any of the retrieves.

Lumi honored the next dog on a slip cord, and did not attempt to break.

Series B. Lumi ran the same double as the other dogs in the group, with the start line on a mound:
  1. 160 yards (duck)
  2. 110 yards (pheasant)
Lumi had no trouble on #2 (the go-bird), but when returning to the line, one of the other trainers teasingly spoke to her, talking about potato chips. I laughed and called Lumi to me, and she completed the delivery. But when sent on #1 (the memory-bird), Lumi took the line toward the old fall again. When I saw that she wasn't just avoiding water or some other factor in the terrain and was not going to turn on her own, I called for help and the #1 thrower called "hey hey". Immediately, Lumi seemed to remember the memory-bird fall and ran directly to it with no hunting. Lumi picked up both articles without hesitation and showed no sign of resource guarding.

Lumi honored the next dog on a slip cord, and did not attempt to break.

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